The film crew 'Fantastic Beasts 3' stopped recording because a member was infected with Covid-19

A member of Fantastic Beasts 3 (Mysterious Creature 3) was infected with Covid-19, causing the crew to stop filming in the UK.

Representative of Warner Bros. told Hollywood Reporter on April 4 that a member of Fantastic Beasts 3 (Mystery Beast 3) was infected with Covid-19, causing the crew to stop filming at the UK film studio. The identity of the infected employee has not been revealed by the studio and this person is being quarantined to monitor the health situation.

Besides, Warner Bros. - the unit responsible for the release of Paranormal Creature 3, also released an announcement that filming would be back to normal when the rest of the staff were healthy, ensuring necessary preventive measures.

The third part of the series The Paranormal is directed by David Yates, who "held" four parts of the Harry Potter series, directed. Part 3 has the participation of actors like Eddie Redmayne, Jude Law ... The filming process was influenced by the Covid-19 translation, which should have started filming in early 2020.

Up to the time of Warner Bros. broadcast this announcement, actor Johnny Depp, who took on the role of the villain Gallert Grindelwald in season 2, only filmed a scene in the third part. In November 2020, the actor was fired from the project due to losing the lawsuit. The Sun is involved in a private life scandal. Then, the Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen was invited to replace Johnny Depp's role. Mythical Creature 3 is expected to hit theaters on July 15.2022.