OnePlus announces "OnePlus 8T Concept" as a concept terminal that changes the color of the back in conjunction with the sensor

 Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus announced on December 21 (local time) the concept terminal "OnePlus 8T Concept" that changes the color of the back in conjunction with the sensor. Based on the "OnePlus 8T" announced in October, we have added a newly developed motion tracking radar and a specially processed backing material that changes color in conjunction with the radar.

The technology adopted on the back is what the company calls "ECMF (Electronic Color, Material and Finish)". A color-changing film containing a metal oxide was placed on the glass so that the color would change due to the activation of the metal oxide when a voltage was applied.

The new sensor technology "mmWave" is said to be an application of 5G technology. Like the motion sensor used by Google in the Pixel 4, it can recognize, locate, and track objects.

By combining these two new technologies, the incoming call is notified by the color change on the back, and the user can start or reject the call with a gesture without touching the terminal. It is also possible to turn the device into a biofeedback device by allowing the user to breathe and motivate them to change color.

It is still in the concept stage, and it is unknown whether a terminal equipped with this function will be released. OnePlus unveiled the concept terminal "Concept One" at CES in January of this year, but has not commercialized it.

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