492/500 employees chose iPhone over Android because they didn't want to make "green bubble"

492 employees in one company chose the iPhone, meanwhile, only 8 Android users on the grounds of tech surprise.

According to Knowledge Online, a member on the Reddit forum has just gathered his colleagues' opinions on why they chose an iPhone instead of an Android phone and posted it for everyone to see.

Specifically, a member nicknamed "Jackharvest" earlier this week posted an article in the Android section on the popular Reddit forum. This person is an IT employee in an anonymous company.

As a result, out of 500 employees of the company, only 8 people use Android phones, the remaining 492 people choose the iPhone.

The technical team of "Jackharvest" was surprised by this number so decided to find the answer by polling all employees about the reasons for choosing iPhone instead of Android smartphone. The results showed that more than half of iPhone users at his company have the same answer.

Specifically, the reason they buy the iPhone because they do not want to be discriminated is "green bubbles". In fact, the iMessage chat app displays conversations between iPhone users in a "blue bubble" form. However, if someone sends an SMS message using an Android phone, the app will show up with a “green bubble”.

In other words, iMessage is the main reason why most of the employees in Jackharvest's company buy iPhones instead of Android. They love the defective Apple product for a single service.

According to GENK, many Reddit members point out that this phenomenon is quite common in the US and probably many other regions too. Cross-platform messaging apps from third-party app developers are also popular in the US market, but SMS and iMessage are widely used. This is not true in many other markets, where SMS is almost completely forgotten by messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram ...

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