Academy Award 25th year as a new standard minority appointment

 The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which hosts the Academy Awards, will set new criteria for Best Picture selection from the 96th Academy Awards ceremony to be held in 2025 to reflect diversity such as race and gender. announced.

Regarding the Academy Awards, lack of diversity has been a problem in recent years, as criticized as "too-white Oscar" because all 20 people who were nominated in the actor category at the award ceremony of 15 years were white. The academy, which has been required to change, encourages the appointment of ethnic minorities and women, so a certain percentage of people of color are not only actors but also production and marketing staff to be selected for Best Picture. It was shown that conditions such as appointing women, women, sexual minorities, and persons with disabilities should be established.

At least one of the leading or important supporting actors should be a minority actor such as a black, Asian, or Native American, and the theme of the work should be women, sexual minorities, people with disabilities, etc. It says that it is necessary to meet two of the four criteria, such as having women and minorities in at least 30% of the production staff.

The academy has also been working to diversify voting members for four years, and announced that 45% of the 819 new members who joined in June this year are women and 36% are non-white. Has been done. (Los Angeles = Kanako Chitose)

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