Copyright Policy

We Karate respect the intellectual property rights of both, and we ask that our users are the same Karate. We have the following general policy in accordance with Dijtal Millennium Koprait Ekat (“Dimasi”) and any applicable laws.
It is our policy to access or remove content that you believe in a false good faith belief of infringing on the Corporate Policy. We also disable and/or complete karate accounts of users who we believe are in good faith, repeatedly infringing committed acts.

notice of infringement of material
We respond to notices of alleged infringement that comply with demat and any applicable laws. According to Dimasi, we have been assigned an agent called Lie to handle copyright infringement claims. The contact information of our designated agent is at the end of the policy.

Remember that if you believe that your copyrighted work has been used on our website in a manner that constitutes a copyright infringement, please do not accept any innocent information

Your website has been identified as having been spoofed as claimed by you infringing;
Incoming claimed content has been identified as infringing on the copyrighted work, which is (e) copied in a manner that violates the copyrighted material in question is the position on the soaphub.chome website, in sufficient detail We can verify the existence of content on the web site;
Your full information, mailing address, telephone number and email address Your correct contact information;
Statement by you that you have a good faith belief that the married use of the composite being copied is not exceeded by the copyright holder, his instance or the law;
Statement by you, under penalty of false testimony, that the information in your note is accurate and that you are a fraud or are lying to act as a copy holder; And:
Electronic or physical signature of the person purported to do the fraud.
For anyone in addition to vastu, yah it would be helpful to include and copy any information we have claimed by you).
review of notices
Once received, we will review your information. Further your information contains all high information including Dimasi’s, and we have good faith karate that the material in question is being used in a manner that will give or disable it.

Recall that the material posted on our website has been removed for alleged copyright infringement, you may counter-notify our designated agent with the following information:

We identify content that has been removed or ascribed, including a description of the questions where the query aggregate was removed or disabled on the Sofaboom website;
a statement by you, under penalty of false attribution, that you believe the material was removed or blocked as a result of the material’s mistake or misidentification;
Your full contact details, mailing address, telephone number and email address are correct;
and you agree that you agree to the jurisdiction of the federal court of lieu of the justice district in which your address is located or that your address is outside the United States. accept the service that has provided notification of the alleged infringement;
Your electronic or physical signature.
Once received, soaphub.chom will review your counter-information and take what we believe to be a lie in good faith.

Dizain kie gae ejent ke gag contact info
The contact information of SoapHub’s Dimasi Dizain agent is: